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Danang, the 3rd largest city in Vietnam, is also the centre of commerce, tourism as well as education. Has long been recognized by locals as the most worth-living place in Vietnam, this spot has been recently voted by the famous travel magazine “Live and Invest Overseas” (LIO) as one of the top 10 foreign most worth-living places, which additionally consolidates Danang’s position in the World Tourism Market.

Is Danang worth visiting? Read on to know 12 reasons why Danang is a worth-visiting and living city!

1. The Cleanest City

Unlike other famous tourist attractions, Danang is typical for its fresh atmosphere, which rarely can any developing city in Vietnam have. If tourists are too tired of the hustle and bustle of daily life, or simply want to escape the polluted atmosphere in the big cities, but still want to enjoy a city’s convenient modern life, then Danang is absolutely the best choice. Many visitors said they have had such a healthy and balanced life while living there.

2. Reasonable Price

While traveling, one of tourists’ most annoying features are certainly being involved in Tourist Traps. However, in Danang the most worth-living city of Vietnam, there are no needs to worry about that. Even though this city is among Vietnam’s most well-known tourist attractions, the local cost of living cost is super reasonable. Tourists, especially foreigners, can live like a king with a mere amount of roughly 500 USD per month, a superb appropriate cost for such a beautiful city.

3. Fresh Seafood At Incredibly Low Cost

Danang, which owns a long coastline of around 74 kilometers, is home to a tremendous amount of various fish types. Most locals here are fishermen, cruising on the sea every night to earn a living, then spending the mornings in the market. Therefore, seafood in Danang is restocked every day, ensuring that culinary enjoyers can have the freshest dishes.

Moreover, when travelers come to any restaurants, they will see tanks of alive sea creatures, which are not just for decoration but will become your dishes later.

Visitors can choose for themselves a creature (maybe fish, crab, or shrimp or so on), then the restaurants’ owners will weigh it and tell you the price before preparing food. Seafood prices in Danang usually cost you a mere several dollars for a wealthy meal, which is so appropriate compared to other tourist spots.

4. Beautiful Natural Landscapes

It is another thing to note that, Danang is also special for having all three tourist-attractive aspects, which are the cultural beauty, blue beaches and dramatic mountainous areas. Therefore, instead of having to go to three seperate places, travelers now just have to discover a mere Danang.

In this coastal city, tourists have a plethora of things to do.

For peace-hunters, who always look for serene moments in each journey, you can simply sunbathe on the tranquil beaches as well as let yourself enjoy Danang’s mild waves with a swimming float. Surely, this will bring you a surprisingly tranquil feeling that can be found nowhere but in Danang. 

For history-discoverers, who have a high spirit for learning new things in each cultural area, Cao Dai Temple and Da Nang Cathedral are two must-visits for you. Additionally, Danang’s unique gothic-style since Vietnam’s colonial periods, its museums with tremendous historical values as well as French-style citizen buildings would also satisfy any history buffs. 

For a nature-seekers, who just go to enjoy the spectacular and breathtaking beauty of nature, Danang’s stunning mountains, especially the Marble Mountains, would suit your interest most. Go and discover as much as you can, the hidden beauty here will definitely please you. 

A must-visit in Danang that has been highly suggested to everyone is Ba Na Hills, which has been called by an attractive nickname “Way to Paradise”. Going to Ba Na Hills, tourists should go to SunWorld complex, which owns such an impressive cable car network that can transport a maximum of 6500 passengers per hour and was voted by CNN as one of the World Top Ten Most Remarkable Cable Car. After that, a French village, mouthwatering cuisine, religious-themed constructions are what are waiting for tourists to visit. Moreover, since Ba Na Hills has such a comfortable climate, various plants and animals (even some rare species) live here. Therefore, visiting Ba Na, visitors can totally relax while immersing in numerous verdant mini forests here, which are home to a variety of flora and fauna.

5. Amazing My Khe Beach

As mentioned above, Danang’s beaches can satisfy a wide range of visitors. When it comes to beaches in Danang, it would be a loss not to mention My Khe Beach.

Located perfectly in the centre of Hoi An Port a recognised World Cultural Heritage, this beach was ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam and also “on the planet”.

It offers visitors an excellent view of 20-mile white sandy areas, together with immense blue sky and poetic coconut tree ranges.

For relax-finders, My Khe’s mild waves and warm water all year round would absolutely create a safe and soothing feeling, being appropriate even for young children and the elderly.

Around My Khe Beach, there are plenty of high-end resorts, which can provide visitors with an unforgettable luxurious feeling.

Watching glamorous sunset scene, enjoying the memorable beach in the morning, trying delicious cuisine in the afternoon, and sleeping on a convenient bed at night, what can be more ideal?

Enjoy life for kings and queens in My Khe Beach now!

6. Located In The Central Area of Vietnam

Danang is a fast-developing city with an important location in the Southern Central area of the Vietnamese Coastal region.

The city is home to a large number of ports, both commercial and tourism, so it is easy to access and plays a vital part in Vietnamese national as well as international transportation.

Having said that, Danang suits mostly every tour track thanks to its location of being the intersections of many important routes, which makes traveling from Danang to other tourist attractions such an easy and convenient task.

Just by hiring a motorbike, tourists can go roughly everywhere, from the World Cultural Heritage Hoi An with ancient beauty to Lang Co Bay and Hue Old Citadel with majestic atmospheres, from My Son Sanctuary, which is the remains of Ancient Cham civilization to Ba Na, “way to paradise”. All of these destinations are truly famous to international tourists and are the significant models of Vietnamese tourism.

For those who search for thrilling moments, you can access Hai Van Pass from Danang without spending considerable effort. And after reaching this place, you will immediately know that driving on Hai Van Pass is undeniably be an ecstatic experience.

Right after starting your journey on this mountain pass, tourists would be overwhelmed by this region’s beauty. With a golden point of viewing, tourists can admire the stunning beauty of the scenery below, the beauty combined harmoniously by the pristine nature and delicate modern impacts, which is sure to take every traveler’s breath away.

7. Danang’s Dragon Bridge and Golden Bridge 7.1. Golden Bridge

Golden Bridge (@stunningvietnam)

It has recently become one of the most famous spiritual and religion-related destinations in Vietnam. Although this bridge has just come into operation since 2023, certain fame has been achieved and it has attracted millions of tourists each year to Sun World Ba Na Hills Theme Park. Having a length of 150m, the bridge looks like gentle silk connecting people to the Divine World.

Highlights: Golden Bridge is well-known for its unique structure. Inspired from the story about how the Mountain God helps humans reach their dream world, the bridge has two giant stone hands holding it from the bottom, representing the support of the God.

The nostalgic architecture of the hands, together with the pristine nature around serves as a wonderful background to the main bridge. Being coated in gold, the bridge’s brilliant golden color is distinctive and outstanding, though still combines harmoniously with the surrounding scenery. It is said that the brilliant appearance of Golden Bridge makes it exactly like a God’s creature, which can take anyone’s breath away.

Besides, as the Golden Bridge plays as a vital part of Sun World Ba Na Hills Theme Park, tourists have to enter this Theme Park to be able to enjoy the bridge. But, please do not worry, this Theme Park has achieved its fame in satisfying even the hardest visitors, and adding it to your traveling schedule would not make you disappointed.

Location:Sun World Ba Na Hills Theme Park, Hoa Phu, Hoa Vang, Danang

Theme Park entrance fee:

700,000 VND per adult (~$30)

550,000 VND per child over 1.3m (~$25)

free of charge for children under 1.3m

Theme Park opening hours: 8 a.m to 6.30 p.m

7.2. Dragon Bridge

As it is named, there is a golden dragon constructed along the bridge. This bridge’s unique appearance is done in the belief of locals since the past that dragon would bring citizens prosperity as well as nobility.

Having six lanes crossing the Han River, Dragon Bridge forms a direct way from Danang International Airport to this city’s various main routes.

Moreover, since the formation of Dragon Bridge in 2013, tourists have a faster as well as more convenient path to access My Khe Beach and Non Nuoc Beach, two incredible beaches of Danang.

Accompanied by the effect of colorful light, the dragon’s performance is truly a must-see for any tourists coming to Danang for the first time. Missing this performance, it can be said that you have missed an integral part of Danang.

The Fire Blowing and Water Spraying Performance of the Dragon will only be at 9 p.m on the weekends and during the holidays; therefore, carefully manipulate your plan to visit Danang at the right time so that you will not miss this unforgettable performance.

Location: Nguyen Van Linh Street, Phuoc Ninh, Danang

8. Friendly Locals Without Ripping Off Tourists

Embarrassingly, one thing that often restrains tourists from an unforgettable traveling tour is the tourist traps that are often seen in famous attractions. However, in Danang, this annoying problem would no longer bother you. It contributes to the reasons why Danang is a worth-living and visiting city.

For first time comers to Danang, they would be welcomed by a bright smile of locals here, no matter who you are, what is your job or why you get here. Danang’s people (often called Quang people) are so friendly that they would let your shy away.

Being here, visitors should feel free to ask any question since you would receive such detailed answers in the most friendly way. Each local here serves as a local guide, you will surely be surprised by their hospitality as some locals are even enthusiastic enough to create the most appropriate tour schedule for you if you ask them.

Going to Danang, visitors would be able to feel the strong pride of the residents here. They are truly proud of their friendly city. They consider helping and making tourists understand better about their city their duty. The hospitality seems to be in the veins of each Danang’s people. Therefore, most tourists would definitely feel regret when having to leave this idyllic place with such affectionate citizens. This area’s friendliness would absolutely set a memorable impression in visitors’ mind.

9. Non-Profit Humanitarian Cancer Hospital

Non-Profit Humanitarian Cancer Hospital

Another reason making Danang a worth living city is the non-profit humanitarian cancer hospital. Coming into operation in January, 2013, this hospital has brought healthy-again opportunities to many underprivileged lives. Sponsored by the city budget as well as other businesses, organisations and people from different walks of life, this hospital shows up as a love’s representation of the society.

Having a luxurious appearance of a five star hotel, rarely can anyone refer it to a hospital of the marginalised. Having state-of-the-art equipment as well as convenient amenities, this hospital always tries to bring patients the best service.

Poor citizens of Da Nang and Quang Nam Province, who has been recognised by their local governments, will receive free treatment. Besides, cancer patients from every part of Vietnam will receive a 23 percent off compared to the price of state-owned hospitals.

This Non-Profit Humanitarian Cancer Hospital, since its opening, has received approximately 150,000 cancer patients each year, remarkably contributing to the fight against cancer in Vietnam.

10. Free WiFi Spot All around the City

Running out of 3G? Do not have enough money to buy a drink in a Wifi Coffee? Danang’s government has solved this problem for you. Since 2014, with the help of roughly 329 access point, Danang’s citizens as well as visitors have been able to use wifi nearly everywhere, at every moment.

This action, firstly, is to help locals keep up with the 4.0 technology era. The authority hopes that, with the free access to wifi, citizens would increasingly get used to using Internet access as well as this city’s public service.

Moreover, this wireless Internet system also serves as a warning system. All the latest information about the traffic conditions, social order and so on will be updated immediately to users through wifi.

More seriously, whenever there is a disaster, the Internet users will also be announced; therefore, the most appropriate solution can be carried out on time. This action is expected by the local authority to be the dawn of e-government, a signature of upcoming 4.0 era.

11. 5-star Public Toilets Found Around the City

In order to promote tourism as well as to improve citizens’ living standards, a number of 5-star public toilets have been put around the city. This ensures tourists as well as locals to have the most memorable experience in Danang. Wherever you see a blue logo of  “Thoải mái như ở nhà Comfort as home”, you can enter this modern and convenient toilets freely, without having to pay anything.

12. Beaches Without Gabbages

The image of beaches that are full of rubbish, regrettably, has become so familiar to us. Sometimes, a relaxing strolling on the white sandy beach would be destroyed just because of a bottle flake or a piece of trash. However, in Danang’s beaches, there is no need for you to worry about that.

There are a plethora of penguin-shaped trash bins situated along the coast, and there would always be locals who are ready to remind you or voluntarily pick up the trash for you. Moreover, there are rules that forbid any camping or dining activities. Therefore, Danang’s beaches offer people a real spot for swimming, walking and relaxing.

So is Danang worth visiting? Yes, sure. Danang is considered to be the ideal destination for roughly everyone, from the energetic young ones to the elderly. Everyone will certainly find their true spirit here. Roughly no one can deny the allure of Danang, its attraction has become one essential thing that forms Vietnam’s fame on tourism.

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2 Best Areas To Stay In Danang, Vietnam

Being the most popular beach city in Vietnam and also one of the most worth visiting & living cities in the world, Danang attracts thousands of tourists annually. If you are planning to visit this stunning city, you might wonder about the accomodation and where to stay in Danang to actually grab the best things of the city and also fit with your travel budget. This guide will take you through the Best Areas to Stay in Danang so you can easily pick a hotel to your preference and still enjoy Danang to the fullest.


I. Danang City Center

1. It’s best for

First time travellers: It is a must for first time travellers to come visiting around the downtown of Danang, where they would have a chance to explore the culture of the coastal city, especially the vibrant market and food culture here.

All budgets: There are many different kinds of accomodation offered in Danang city center, with diffirent price range. Most of the hotels are less expensive than the beachside ones, so you can easily choose one that fits your budget. In addition, if you want to spend a luxury night, then Danang city center also offers a few 5-stars hotels for your needs.

Backpackers: Being a tourist city that attracts thousands of tourist seasonally, Danang city center surely has many small hotels and hostel for backpackers that provides dorm rooms with a very reasonable price, so you don’t have to worry about the accomodation if you are on a tight budget.

Foodies: Staying in Danang City Center means you will have many chance to try the taste of the local food here, especially when you visit Con Market right in the center. If you are as foodie and always want to try new food, Vietnamese local food has to be on the top of your list!

2. Where to stay in Danang City Center? 2.1. Hotel:

► Novotel Danang Premier Han River: This is the best 5-star hotel in Danang with great service. The hotel is by the side of Han River so it offers a really nice view from the rooms. Most of the guests say that the hotel’s staff arte really helpful and friendly. Also, there are a lot of restaurants and entertainment places around Novotel, so you can easily visit the place that you want to see.

Location: 36 Bach Dang Street Hai Chau District, Da Nang Vietnam

Price: From 1,500,000 VND

► Fivitel Boutique Danang: Locating right in the city center, Fivitel Boutique Danang is a luxury 4-star hotel which provides customers with panoramic rooms and great services like swimming pool, restaurants,… This hotel claims to be the best place for couples

Location: 202 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Phuoc Ninh, Hai Chau, Da Nang, Vietnam

Price: From 1,000,000 VND

Location: 305 Tran Hung Dao, Son Tra District, Da Nang, Vietnam

Price: From 300.000 VND

2.2. Hostel:

► Seahorse Hostel & Bar by HAVI: If you travel alone or you are on a tight budget, hostel is a good alternative for you. This hostel also has a very good location as well as friendly staff. They offers a wide range of properties, from bunk bed dorms to single, double room and even studio and deluxe apartments with a really good price. It would make your trip more convenient and save you more money to stay in this hostel.

Location: 07 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang, Vietnam

Price: From 150,000 VND

3. Things to see and do in Danang City Center

Visit Con Market to try the best, delicious local food

Visit Han Market to buy local souvenirs and experience the market culture in Vietnam

Take a walk around Han River

Go to the Dragon Bridge and enjoy the show on Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm, in which the bridge lights up and the dragon spits out fire and water from its mouth.

Visit Danang Cathedral the most famous catholic church in Vietnam with unique and sophisticated design

II. My Khe Beach

1. It’s best for

Relaxation: Living on the beachside surely gives you quick access to the beach and provides you with a great view everyday. Also, there would be less noise from the city, which helps you escape the hustle and bustle. You will only hear the sound of the sea water and the salty smell of the ocean through the wind. Even if you are travelling on your own, with your partner or your family, staying near the beach area will give you the best relaxing experience and great healing feelings.

Photographers: My Khe beach is considered the Miami of Vietnam with a really beautiful white sandbank and clear sea water. Coming here, photographers or artists will definitely be able to find some inspiration and great material for their artwork.

Sporty people: Apart from the beautiful scenery, My Khe beach is also an ideal place to organize sports activities. There are a lot of water sports like: parasailing, jet-skiing, scuba-diving, kayaking…. In addition, beach volleyball is also often organized by local people on the sandbank, so you can join them, or bring your own ball and play with your family.

2. Where to stay in My Khe Beach? 2.1. Hotel:

► Minh Boutique: This is the best-rated hotel on Booking. Only 600m from My Khe Beach, Minh Boutique would be the perfect place for families anf especially couples. They also provide airport shuttle service and bars service. The guests also gave great feedback on their breakfast in terms of quality and personalisation. In addition, all these services come with a very reasonable price. Definitely worth staying for everyone!

Location: 5 Nguyen Cao Luyen, Da Nang, Vietnam

Price: From 700,000 VND

► Monarque Hotel Danang: If you want to experience a luxury, royal feeling in your vacation, you can check this hotel out. Only 2 minutes to the beach, Monarque Hotel Danang has a royal decoration style, and also provides great services such as airport shuttle, exception breakfast, swimming pool, fitness centre and bars,… Price is affordable for mostly everyone, and this hotel is recommended for couples!

Location: 238 Vo Nguyen Giap, Son Tra District, Da Nang, Vietnam

Price: From 800,000 VND

2.2. Hostel:

► Bluetiful Homestay & Cafe: This is a homestay that is really suitable for backpackers, due to its cheap price and the loving atmosphere that it brings to the guests. The decoration is mainly blueish-tone that gives us a feeling of relaxation and also represents the spirit of the beach city. Also, there are a lot of corners that are decorated to look like the streets in Danang, with a cafeteria that sells Banh Minh and Coffee two of the bests local food in Vietnam. The staff are super friendly and willing to help you at any time. There are also many different room types, from bunk beds to double room, so a family can also stay here if they want to experience a hostel atmosphere in Danang.

Location: 169 To Hien Thanh, Phuoc My, Son Tra, Danang

Price: From 120,000 VND

3. Things to see and do in My Khe beach area

Try the fresh and delicious local seafood

Participate in sports activities on the sandbank and in the seawater

Swim and enjoy one of the most freshest beach in Vietnam

Take beautiful photos in the beachside

Go for a walk on the beachside, watch the sun rising up and down in the dawn and dusk

Danang is surely one of the best cities that you should really visit if you come to Vietnam, in order to enjoy the stunning landscape and explore our Vietnam Central culture in terms of cuisine and our daily life. We hope to have informed you sufficiently about the beat areas to stay in Danang, and we wish you a pleasant time visiting our beloved sea city.

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Important Things You Need To Know Before Visiting The World’S Most Dangerous Border

Get to know before visit DMZ

The Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) runs across the Korean Peninsula separating North and South Korea. Following the 38th parallel north, a 4 km (2.5 miles) wide DMZ running for 240 km (150 miles) marks a cease-fire line existed at the end of Korean War (1950-53). It was established in 1953 as part of the Armistice Agreement between United Nations, North Korea, and China to end the war.

Coming to the DMZ, you can still feel the tension between the two countries at the sight of tank traps, electric fences, landmines and armies in full battle readiness. A glance at the soldiers standing guard with dark shades in military pose alone is already intimidating enough.

Read more: Detailed guide to visit the DMZ

The highlights of DMZ Joint Security Area (JSA)

Instagram @lovasi

Address: Area of Eoryong-ri, Jinseo-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do (32km from Seoul)

Operating hours:

Tuesday – Saturday, 3 tours per day (09:45, 13:15, 15:15)

Closed on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays.

Please be noted that JSA is only accessible via a tour package from approved agencies. Please kindly ask your tour operator for more details and fees.

Imjingak Park

Imjingak Park, was established in the year 1972 right after the South-North Armistice, with the hope that one day unification will be brought back to Korea. It is the furthest north that any South Korean civilians can legally reach. Unlike the tension that you find in JSA, Imjingak creates an unexpectedly carefree and happy ambience. The park has become the forefront of tourism for the reason that there are hundreds of photos and numerous historical artifacts from the Korean War on display. For example, at the arrival, you will run into the Gyeongui Train Line destroyed during the war in 1950 and reconstructed in 2000, or you can have chance to become an eyewitness to 12 unique tanks and warcrafts used in the war. You can also find that Imjingak is now one of the more popular spots for international visitors because the access does not require going through any security checkpoints.

Pinewheels at Imjingak Park. Instagram @revive9191

Address: 148-53, Imjingak-ro, Munsan-eup, Paju-si, Geyonggi-do

Operating hours: Imjingak Park is open 24 hours a day, all year round

Admission fee: Free

Bridge of Freedom

The Bridge of Freedom has received its name from being built as a walkway with the purpose of exchanging prisoners at the end of the Korean War in 1953. At the Bridge of Freedom, you will notice a bunch of colorful ribbon streamers with a line of notes on them attached to the barbed wire border fence. These are messages from citizens living in the Southern part to their beloved relatives in the North whom they have not been able to see in decades since the demarcation. At the front of the bridge, opposite the Imjingak, stands Mangbaedan Memorial Altar – famous for being the place where North Koreans pay visit to perform ancestral rites every New Year’s Day and Chuseok (Mid-Autumn Festival). Many visitors consider the trip to the bridge a meaningful and moving experience that helps them to gain insights into how devastating the aftermath of the war is.

Ribbons of Hope. Instagram @justin.helin

The Third Tunnel

The Third Tunnel (also known by the name The Third Tunnel of Aggression or Third Infiltration Tunnel) is an actual tunnel among four known ones in the area of DMZ. This particular subterranean passage was incompletely dug by the North Koreans with the intention of launching a surprise attack on Seoul, but it was discovered by the South Koreans at the end of 1970s. It has since been made into a tourist attraction but still under military surveillance. With the measurements of 1 mile in length, nearly 2 meters in height and 2.1 meters in width, the tunnel runs through 240 ft below the ground, which is approximately equivalent to a 25-storey underground building, and can accommodate about 30,000 soldiers at a time. Frankly speaking, the journey down to the tunnel and back up to the surface can be extremely tiring, yet it will will also be a rewarding experience that you will thank yourself for later in life. Do not forget to prepare a pair of comfortable shoes and a bottle of fresh water.

Instagram @pinonyuu

Address: 210-358, Je3ttanggul-ro, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Operating hours:

Tuesday – Saturday

9:20 (first shuttle) – 15:30 (last shuttle)

Closed on Mondays and public holidays (Seollal/ Chuseok)

DMZ Theater and Exhibition Hall

DMZ Theater and Exhibition Hall is within the area of DMZ Museum. The site is helpful in introducing us lock, stock, and barrel about DMZ and the Korean war, as well as the disastrous aftermath of warfare through a 15-minute 3D documentary video. You will have a chance to gain more deeper understanding of the historical background as well as the cultural value of the whole area. You will learn how DMZ has transformed from a political scar into a symbol of peace and ecology. Moreover, you can not only explore the artifacts that give a glimpse into daily life during the 1970s such as soldiers’ arm bands, utensils that they used to eat, typewriters… but also read the treaties that have brought to the peace of today with your naked eyes. All in all, the experience here at DMZ Theater and Exhibition Hall can be so eye-opening that you will be able to perceive DMZ in a completely different perspective.

Instagram @marksherwinchan

Address: 369, Tongiljeonmangdae-ro, Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do

Operating hours:

March-October 09:00-18:00

November-February 09:00-17:00

Last admission is one hour before closing.

Closed on Monday and New Year’s Day.

Admission fee: 2,000 KRW

Dora Observatory

Situated on Dorasan (Mount Dora), Paju-si, Dora Observatory is placed at the northernmost point of Military Demarcation Line (MDL) and was first opened to the public in January 1987. Since then, the observation has become an attraction tourist spot in DMZ as it allows visitors to catch a rare glimpse of the secluded Northern part of Korea. With the help of the binoculars available here, which can provide you with ultra-zoomed views, you can take a look at Kijong-dong (known as North Korean Peace Village or Propaganda Village), a display of the remnants of the old prosperity of the North and you can even overlook the far-sighted Kaeong – the capital city of Teabong Kingdom and subsequent Goryeo Dynasty – and other locations such as Songaksan, Kim Il-sung Statue, and Cooperation Farm (Geumamgoi). If you’re curious about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, this tour is specifically created for you. The observation offers 500 seats, VIP rooms, so you can free yourself from the worries of packed tourists and long waits.

Operating hours:

9:00 – 15:00 from Tuesday to Sunday

Closed every Monday and National Holidays (Lunar New Year’s Day, Chuseok)

Admission fee: 500 KRW/ 2 minutes using a telescope

Dorasan Station

Another stop well worth the visit during your time in DMZ is Dorasan Station. Dorasan Station, a railway station on Geyongui Line, was constructed with the intention of connecting the South Korea’s railway system to the North and hopefully the rest of Asia. Regrettably, due to the palpable tension between the two countries, the station is almost empty and the train track from the South to the North has never been in use. The station now mainly serves as a tourist attraction, used only by those who work or visit the station. Nevertheless, there is always a message hidden behind Dorasan Station – it represents the hope for the eventual reunification of the two Koreas in every citizen. Although it is not as bustling and beautifully designed as other stations throughout the country, Dorasan has its own oddly captivating features that leave a strong impression on any visitors coming to the site.

Instagram @vessilla_globetrotter

Address: 307, Huimang-ro, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Operating hours: open all year round

How to visit DMZ

As the DMZ has restricted civilian access and requires a military escort, you must book a tour from an approved travel agency to explore the site. Once you have decided on your must-see highlights, now it is time for you to pick a tour that is suitable for you regarding budget, time, and the points of interest that are included. You can opt for a full-day trip around DMZ or a half-day tour visiting some major spots with a North Korean defector. Here are some suggestions that you may want to run your eyes over.

Visit DMZ without JSA

Aiming for nothing but a truly authentic experience, Inspitrip is now offering a half-day DMZ tours to visit all the prominent draws

Visit JSA excluding other parts of the DMZ

The JSA tours excluding other parts of the DMZ can be an attractive alternative for those who cannot afford time to go on a full day trip or those who want to focus on one spot rather than rushing around a lot of locations. This tour includes a stop at Imjingak Tourist Resort with Memorial Alter, Bridge of Freedom, and Unification Bell, Camp Bonifas, Freedom House and Military Armistice Commission Building. This option is also cheaper than the joint one.

Joint visit DMZ and JSA

If you have an entire day free, it is best to pay a joint visit to DMZ and JSA in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the area. This is the most expensive yet best value for money at the same time. However, the downside of the joint tours is that the schedule is tight and you are only allowed to spend a limited time at each location, which can be a nuisance.

Important things you need to know

You are required to sign a waiver agreeing that no one is responsible for accident, injury or even death. But you can rest assured that nothing can ever happen to you since there are at least two military escorts accompanying with you at the border. As long as you strictly follow the rules, you are completely safe.

It is compulsory to bring your currently valid passport with you on the day of the tour, it will be checked on arrival of JSA and some other spots.

You must comply with the specified dress code. Sleeveless shirts, round neck tees, ripped denim pants, shorts, mini-skirts, leather clothes, revealing clothing, and clothes with profane and provocative texts, sandals, slippers, military-printed attire are strictly prohibited.

You are not allowed to enter the DMZ on your own, and some countries are required to have a Background Check from the United Nations, so contact your tour operator for more information.

Cameras with zooming lens are not permitted in the area. You may be refrained from taking photos at non-designated spots.

Children under 10 cannot enter the JSA.

DMZ tours is subject to abrupt changes and cancellation due to the occurrence of a military event.

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Check Out The List Of Western Street Food That Is Mischievous To Distant Customers

Grilled sticky bananas

Just over ripe bananas, wrapped in glutinous flour mixed with coconut milk

Bird’s nest cake

The reason for this name is because the cake when fried is shaped like a nest. The main ingredients to make this cake are rice flour, rock sugar, flour and coconut milk. The cake when eaten will be deep fried, the cake when cooked will have a curved, crispy and golden edge, the middle part of the cake is shaped like an upside down hat. Street food is also quite affordable, only ranging from 5-10k / cake.

The reason for this name is because the cake when fried is shaped like a nest

Pineapple leaf tube cake

Pineapple leaf tube cake is a western street food that is loved by many people. The cake is made from the main ingredients of cassava, rice flour, and the green grated coconut is taken from the juice of the pandan leaves, so the cake has a characteristic aroma of this leaf. The cake when eaten will be heated by steaming method in a stainless steel tube. When the cake is cooked, it will be wrapped in a rice paper or a banana leaf and sprinkle with sesame sugar. When eating the cake, the sweet taste of sugar, the fat of coconut milk and a hint of pineapple leaf flavor is extremely attractive.

Pineapple leaf tube cake is a western street food that is loved by many people

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Jackfruit leaf cake

This cake dish is ripe as apricot leaves, but when cooked, it is usually taken “mold” from jackfruit leaves, so it has such a name. The ripe ingredients of the cake are rice flour, apricot leaves, and coconut milk, mixed in the right ratio. When forming a fine powdered mixture, steam it with jackfruit leaves. When enjoying this western street food , people often add a little thick coconut milk and a little roasted peanuts. The fatty sweetness of the coconut milk mixed with the crispy chewy texture of the cake is extremely stimulating, making everyone crave for more plates after eating.

The ripe ingredients of the cake are rice flour, apricot leaves, and coconut milk, mixed in the right ratio

Pig skin cake

This cake is a specialty of Can Tho. The main feature of the cake is many layers of cake overlapping, divided into many layers. The main ingredients of the cake are flour, coconut milk, glutinous flour, sugar, green beans … to create a beautiful color for the cake, people also mix the flour with other ingredients such as pandan leaf juice, or Gac … A standard pork skin cake must have moderate flexibility, when eaten with the sweetness of sugar and a little greasy coconut milk, the aroma of green beans and natural leaves.

The main feature of the cake is many layers of cake overlapping, divided into many layers

Wheat cassava cake

This is a cake associated with the childhood of many people, especially westerners. This dish appears in most streets and streets and becomes a familiar snack that westerners often use to treat guests from afar. The cake comes in many colors and most of them are made from natural colors such as pineapple leaves, rosewood, turmeric, and Gac. The main ingredients for making the cake are tapioca, sugar, when eating the cake is rolled with shredded coconut, when enjoying the crispy crunchy, chewy cake with a bit of coconut fat.

This is a cake associated with the childhood of many people, especially westerners

Sweet rolls

Maybe for Saigonese, pastry rolls are quite unfamiliar, but for westerners, this is a familiar western street food , usually sold in markets every morning. The cake has a thin outer layer, inside, inside is rolled with green beans, sugar, grated coconut. This cake originally originated from Ben Tre. The main ingredient is the bread crust which is flour, creating toughness, in the cake. When rolling the cake, people will steam the shell by water-proofing, then quickly roll it with green beans, grated coconut mixed with sugar. Each cake roll, when eaten, will be sprinkled with a little sesame salt, creating mildness for the cake, adjusting the sweetness of the sugar and greasy coconut.

The cake has a thin outer shell, inside, inside is rolled with green beans, sugar, grated coconut


At first glance, many people often mistakenly think this is a noodle dish, in fact these are two dishes, although the “appearance” is quite similar, but the processing is completely different. Vermicelli is considered a “play food”, a sip when “sad mouth” is very popular and is loved by many young westerners. The main ingredients of this vermicelli dish include raw papaya salad, microfiber fresh vermicelli, shrimp, bacon, shrimp floss. When eating these ingredients will be mixed together and filled with sweet and sour fish sauce. When traveling to the west , remember to enjoy a simple, rustic but extremely eye-catching vermicelli dish with a delicious and exotic taste.

Vermicelli is considered a “play food”, a sip when “sad” is very popular and is loved by many young westerners.

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Discover 6 Unique Coffee Dishes In The World, One Of Which Is From Vietnam

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. The delicious taste and strong aftertaste make coffee popular among many people. Besides the original coffee drinks, coffee is also processed with different delicious recipes, making this drink more diverse in flavor and attractive to more people. Let’s learn with 2DEP 7 recipes that combine to make drinks from coffee that are popular with everyone.

Kopi Joss

Kopi Joss is the name of the famous coal coffee in Indonesia. People here believe that when using a hot coal ball in a cup of coffee, it will neutralize the acidity in coffee, thereby reducing acidity and protecting the stomach. Like many other types of coffee, Kopi Joss coffee is also filter coffee, before drinking, people often put a hot coal that has blown dust into the coffee cup. When drinking, take the coal out and drink as usual.

Kopi Joss is a unique coal coffee from Indonesia.


This is a combination from Finland. Traditionally in this country, coffee is served with a type of shredded cheese called Juustoleipa. These grilled cheeses slowly melt into the coffee, reducing the bitterness of the original coffee and creating a distinctive fatty aroma.

Kaffeost is a combination of Finnish grilled cheese and pure coffee.

Egg coffee

This coffee from Vietnam is one of the unique coffees in the world, because this coffee is combined with eggs. Specifically, people will use the beaten egg yolks with sugar and condensed milk until the yolk turns into a creamy, soft, fragrant and rich mixture. Coffee after brewing will be poured to the bottom and then red beaten egg mixture on top. When drinking, you will feel the bitterness of coffee mixed with the fat, sweet taste of whipped cream and of course not fishy at all.

Egg coffee is a delicious, greasy combination of egg yolk and pure coffee.

Kopi Gu You

If you have had a chance to travel in Singapore, you must have tried this famous butter coffee. Like Finnish cheese coffee, Kopi Gu You is a combination of coffee and some butter in it. Along with condensed milk, the melted butter will blend into the coffee to create a beautiful brown color, bringing a characteristic sweet and fatty flavor. Singaporeans often eat toast with this coffee for a complete morning.

Kopi Gu You is a buttery instant coffee with a rich flavor from Singapore.

Meringue Coffee

A beautiful coffee created from Korea. Not only the taste is delicious, the appearance of this drink is also enough to knock you down at first sight. The cup of coffee is decorated with a crispy, sweet, and beautiful meringue cake like a white lotus blooming in the middle of a lake. Just looking at the grandeur of this drink is enough to make us fall in love.

Meringue is a beautiful coffee drink from Korea.

Kaffe Tonic

A refreshing coffee on hot summer days, why not? Kaffe Tonic is a combination of espresso, soda tonic and ice. This is a popular drink in Sweden. The bar and cool taste in the presence of soda and ice but still with the aroma of pure coffee will keep you awake and refreshed.

Kaffe Tonic is considered a summer drink of the Swedish people.

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The Hill Is Full Of Beautiful And Romantic Butterfly Flowers Like A Movie Causing “Fever” In Hoa Binh

Mung hamlet is located at the highest position of Hop Phong commune, Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province, the climate is especially cool in the summer. This is a locality that is considered as the green lung of the province with 520 hectares of natural forest being zoned and protected by local people.

Previously, the road to Mung was far away with high zigzag slopes, the road surface was jagged with gravel and stones. Since 2011, this road has been concreted 4.5/7km, convenient for vehicles in and out.

From the connecting concrete road to the Mung hamlet is 2.5km long. In addition to the cool climate, visitors are impressed with the terraced fields and flower fields of more than 4 hectares. The winding fields, above the stilt roof, create the scenery of an enchanting mountainous region.

At the foot of the field is an ancient banyan tree with a canopy of several tens of meters wide, which is considered a symbol in the spiritual life of the people of this Muong village.

From 2023, some investors come to Mung hamlet to develop tourism. Ms. Pham Thuy, the owner of homestay and glamping (a type of luxury camping), has been planting flower hills on people’s terraced fields since February this year, along with the bamboo forest.

Flower Hill started welcoming guests on May 22 and attracted an unprecedented number of visitors to this locality, reaching more than 4,000 people up to now.

From a remote village, Mung hamlet has gradually transformed into a romantic and poetic destination, but has not lost the inherent simple beauty of a countryside.

“The whole space is filled with the yellow color of butterfly flowers, as beautiful and poetic as in cartoons,” shared Pham Thi Trang (24 years old, Hanoi). A female tourist visited the flower hill on May 31.

In addition to the yellow butterfly flower hill at an altitude of 200m, on the top of the mountain 900m high, there are pink butterfly flowers and cherry apricot flowers. From the top, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the area, ancient banyan trees and yellow butterfly flowers below.

In addition, Mung hamlet also has a bamboo forest with a path through about 300m long for visitors to take pictures and relax. The road to the bamboo forest is quite difficult to go, nearly 3km from the flower hill, need a guide or local people to lead the way.

From here, visitors can enjoy the scenery of the ripe rice season on the terraced fields. Rice in Mung hamlet ripens late, about two weeks before people start reaping.

Coming to Mung hamlet, visitors can also go to homestay and glamping (comfortable camping) to stay overnight and hunt clouds on favorable weather days.

Glamping and cloud hunting area in Mung hamlet.

Ticket price to visit the flower hill is 20,000 VND for guests in Hoa Binh, 30,000 VND ($1=24,000 VND)for visitors from outside the province. This revenue has helped to gradually improve the lives of local people.

Hamlet is located about 12km from the road surface of National Highway 6 from Hanoi to Son La, so it is convenient for visitors to visit along the way. Local authorities have proposed to their superiors to develop plans and orientations to develop Mung hamlet into a community  tourist destination.

Next year, Mung will restore the old stilt houses on the terraced fields, build galleries, revive the traditional cultural features of the Muong ethnic group, and attract visitors to learn and experience.

Photo: Tran Thanh Tu, Lan Huong, Nha Tim Homestay

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Từ khoá: The hill is full of beautiful and romantic butterfly flowers like a movie causing “fever” in Hoa Binh

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