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Dalat in the mind of tourists not only has dreamlike beauty, romantic atmosphere, but also the presence of bustling food courts with a paradise of delicious dishes waiting. Nha Chung food court in Da Lat is one of the attractive destinations for foodies because there are not only famous Dalat specialty shops but also the convergence of delicious regional specialties. If you want to enjoy a lot of delicious dishes in Da Lat but are afraid to move a lot, then check-in and experience the cuisine of the Nha Chung area, where there will be a “forest” of delicious dishes for you to choose and enjoy.

Where is the Common House? 

Nha Chung food court is located on Nha Chung Street in Ward 3, Da Lat City, this is the busiest snack street because it focuses on 2 schools, so the restaurants open a lot. After gradually becoming famous, Nha Chung is a familiar destination for tourists. The cuisine in Nha Chung area is very diverse from filling dishes to entertaining such as can cake, can cake, mixed rice paper, grilled skewers…

Nha Chung area or Nha Chung street is an attractive culinary destination in Da Lat. Photo: @imsonng

An interesting feature is that each restaurant in Nha Chung area will have a different sales time frame, some open from early morning, some open from noon and some open from 4pm. In the evening, Nha Chung food street will be more bustling, tourists and young people from Da Lat will flock here more to enjoy snacks to night dishes.

In addition to the convergence of many delicious restaurants and diverse food, the reason why Nha Chung’s cuisine attracts visitors is that it is located in the heart of the city, so after eating and drinking, visitors can easily check- Print nearby places or after visiting, you can visit Nha Chung Street, enjoy very convenient dishes.

This area is located in the center, so it is very convenient for visitors to check-in. Photo: Lam Dong Newspaper

Discover the cuisine of Nha Chung area with delicious restaurants 1. Chung House Cake Shop

Referring to banh can in Da Lat, people will immediately think of Nha Chung street cake shop, this is the most famous and delicious place to eat banh can in the foggy country. The shop is located at the beginning of Nha Chung street, so it is easy to find, the shop’s can cake is very delicious, diners can see the process of making cakes on the spot. Can cake hot crispy, slightly watching, delicious peach egg filling. The dipping sauce is made from fried onions, green mango, onion fat with peanuts, so it is very fragrant and fatty.

Nha Chung cake shop is very famous on the culinary map of Da Lat. Photo: @chocoblueberry

Diners coming to this restaurant often use to sell apartments and home-made shumai. This shumai dish is also very attractive, firm, sweet and not greasy. The owner is very welcoming and very sweet. The price of the dishes of this restaurant is only from 20,000 VND to 40,000 VND.

Visitors here can watch the cake pour directly. Photo: @lanwiththi

Address: No. 1 Nha Chung Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City

2. Xuan An soup cake

Along with Nha Chung cake, Xuan An soup cake is the top famous restaurant in Da Lat. This is also a familiar stop for tourists when discovering the cuisine of Nha Chung area . This cake shop was more than 30 years old, called Mrs. Quyt’s shop, later changed to Xuan An. The space of the restaurant is very spacious, with 2 floors, meeting the regular enjoyment needs of diners. Although the restaurant is always crowded and bustling, the service style is very open.

Xuan An’s soup cake is extremely famous. Photo: @dhangng_

In the morning, the shop will sell beef noodles, Quang noodles or fish noodles, in the afternoon they will sell banh chung. Xuan An’s soup cake is very delicious with rich broth, moderate weave and not fishy at all. The noodles are clear, not friable, and have the right toughness to eat very well. The menu of the shop’s banh chung dishes only includes banh chung or banh chung. The selling price is from 18,000 VND to 30,000 VND depending on the size.

The taste of banh chung here is rich in flavor, and the fibers are just right. Photo: @bachuaviahe

Address: No. 15B Nha Chung Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City

3. Co Mai Nha Chung grilled rice paper

Discovering the cuisine of Nha Chung area in Dalat, you will definitely not be able to miss this restaurant. Da Lat grilled rice paper is a famous specialty and Co Mai restaurant on Nha Chung street is the best address here. The shop has a space of simply carrying rice paper and a few chairs, but it is always crowded, but the diners come here to sit in an orderly manner, not in a hurry.

Mai restaurant is the favorite choice of tourists when they want to enjoy grilled rice paper. Photo: @evivavietnam

The shop’s rice paper has many varieties, but the most delicious is the cheese beef quail, mango shrimp, pate cha or cheese chicken. The hot, juicy rice paper of Ms. Mai’s restaurant always makes diners crave even though it takes time to wait. The price here is also very affordable, from 15,000 VND to 25,000 VND depending on the individual.

The rice paper here is very cheap, the taste is attractive. Photo: @phidrgenlago

Address: No. 1C Nha Chung Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City.

4. Dream Garden 

This is the address to enjoy delicious dishes at Nha Chung Street. Here you can enjoy countless delicious specialties from 3 regions from grilled dishes, hot pot, snacks to dishes. In particular, if you are mobile, you can order attractive combos to enjoy both saving money and enjoying many delicious dishes. This is a new but quite popular address recently on Nha Chung Street, Dalat.

Garden of Mo Quan is a famous new culinary address in Nha Chung area. Photo: FB/ Garden of Dreams

Address: Alley 13, Nha Chung Street, Ward 3, Da La City

5. Chicken La Ca Da Lat 

Chicken La Ca is a restaurant that specializes in selling Korean dishes, especially chicken, this restaurant is a favorite stop for young people when they want to eat Korean food. The space is decorated luxuriously and politely, the menu of dishes is diverse. Visitors here can enjoy attractive Korean chicken dishes such as spicy melted cheese chicken, fried chicken balls, chicken jumbo mix, Korean fried chicken or other typical dishes for Korean cuisine such as fish cakes, Mandu cakes, mixed vermicelli, mixed rice, rice rolls…

Chicken La Ca specializes in selling very attractive Korean chicken dishes. Photo: FB / Chicken La Ca

Address: No. 13A Nha Chung Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City

6. Nha Chung fried food/snack shops 

It can be said that fried food and snacks are the soul of the cuisine of Nha Chung , the fried food stalls here are the most famous and always crowded with diners. Fried food on Nha Chung street is very diverse with dishes such as beef balls, fish balls, tofu.. There are also countless attractive snacks such as tattoo, mixed rice paper, salt and pepper toast, fruit. shake. Some restaurants that tourists can refer to enjoy when coming here such as Ms. Hang 3A Nha Chung snack, Kun Kun restaurant at 9 Nha Chung or Nha Chung snack shop at 13A Nha Chung street.

Nha Chung area is the paradise of fried foods and snacks. Photo: @anratngon

The snacks here are very attractive and eye-catching. Photo: @bachuaviahe

In addition to the delicious restaurants and delicious dishes suggested above, when exploring the cuisine of Nha Chung area, you can also enjoy countless other delicious dishes such as spicy noodles, Nam Vang noodle soup, grilled pork vermicelli, beef noodle soup with stone bowl, Quang noodles, snakehead fish noodles…

Beef noodle soup in Nha Chung area is also very attractive. Photo: @anratngon.

Visitors to Nha Chung area can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes. Photo:@sueao1992

The cuisine of Nha Chung Da Lat always makes diners admire by the variety and there is no shortage of delicious restaurants. If you don’t know what to eat in Dalat, try coming to Nha Chung area, you will be able to “satisfy your hungry stomach” with all the delicious restaurants and delicious dishes here.

Photo: Internet

Đăng bởi: Lê Ngọc Diệp

Từ khoá: Discover the cuisine of Nha Chung – a dining paradise in the heart of Da Lat

E Leaves – The “Soul” Ingredient Of The Cuisine Of The Land Of Yellow Flowers And Green Grass

Wandering around Phu Yen alone in a series of “gap year” days of rest and self-love, I chose a taxi tour – to relieve sadness and also to be able to chat with a local. Picking me up was a bold driver who had a lot of knowledge about the culture and geography in Nau. As soon as he got into the car, he invited “At noon, let’s go and try salted fried rice, sister. Hanoians come here, everyone is addicted to that dish.” So at noon, we turned into a seaside seafood restaurant, ordered a plate of fried rice with salt.

A special dish of fried rice with salt and é. (Photo collection).

The plate of rice has 50,000 VND but it’s really big, probably for those who eat and drink. The special thing is that the fried rice does not add eggs, nor does it have any sophisticated ingredients such as seafood, meat, with the naked eye, only white rice, a little crushed garlic and pieces of green leaves are pureed – that is é leaves. .

The driver, the non-specialist guide introduced, this fried rice dish is made by chopping the crushed basil leaves with green chili pepper, monosodium glutamate, salt and then hot frying with garlic and rice. Extremely simple ingredients that create a dish full of flavor, rich in salt and spicy taste of chili. The smell of é leaves is very specific, a hybrid between the taste of lemon and lemongrass, adding flavor to the dish, just like every flavor is increased by one level.

The famous é leaf chicken hot pot dish of Nou. (Photo collection)

Curious about é leaves and how Phu Yen people use é leaves in their dishes, I took a walk around Tuy Hoa to talk more about this ingredient in Phu Yen cuisine.

E leaves are used in many dishes in Phu Yen. (Photo collection).

Chicken hot pot with é leaves of Phu Yen people has become a specialty brought to many places in the country by the people of the land of yellow flowers and green grass. Chicken é leaf hotpot is seasoned with salty and spicy spices, but it is not boring, but it feels cool and refreshing, thanks to the neutralization of é leaves. The chicken is sweet, firm, and seasoned with salt of basil leaves, which is very fragrant and delicious. In addition to hot pot, é leaves are also used to season all kinds of salty dishes of Phu Yen: pork rolls cooked with é leaves, vegetarian soup with white é leaves, steamed silk scallops with é leaves, sour soup with é leaves, etc. mixes the dense “substance” of proteins, helping the dish to be enhanced, eating a lot without feeling sick.

The simple dish of white rice served with salt is very simple. (Photo collection).

In Phu Yen, a cup of é leaf salt seems to be indispensable in the meal. People pound salt with green chili peppers, add basil leaves to dip all kinds of meat, fish, seafood, .. and even eat with rice. It sounds boring, but it’s actually very fitting. Hot, fragrant and fragrant white rice mixed with é salt is very strange, rich in the taste of the rice, making it taste good, just like that, it can make people love it forever…

Đăng bởi: Lặng Lẽ Đi Ngang Qua

Từ khoá: E leaves – the “soul” ingredient of the cuisine of the land of yellow flowers and green grass

Discover The Beautiful And Charming Ta Nang Waterfall In The Middle Of The Son La Mountains

Located in the area of ​​Phu Mau 1 village (Chieng Yen commune), about 30km from the center of the Van Ho district, Ta Nang waterfall is beautiful and gentle in the Northwest mountainous region attracting tourists.

Ta Nang in Thai means “Fairy Waterfall”.The waterfall is located in Phu Mau I village, Chieng Yen commune, Van Ho district, Son La province.

Mr. Ha Van Khuong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tat Nang Agriculture and Tourism Cooperative in Phu Mau village, said that to the people here, Ta Nang waterfall has been attached to their spiritual and cultural life, where the couple dates and prays to be together forever.

At the foot of the waterfall, a gentle stream of water flows through the village, watering the trees and fields, and is a place where children and adults bathe and play every day.

Originating from Ta Xam and Ta Piu streams, Ta Nang waterfall falls from a height of more than 100m, divided into 2 branches, including 3 floors.

Tat Nang Waterfall is one of four famous waterfalls that tourists should experience when coming to explore on the Moc Chau and Van Ho plateaus (Son La).

In 2024, Tat Nang Waterfall was ranked as a provincial-level scenic relic.

To promote tourism potential, Van Ho district has assigned the People’s Committee of Chieng Yen commune to manage and exploit.

According to the words of the local guides, Tat Nang” in Thai means “fairy waterfall”, meaning to compare the beauty of the waterfall with a beautiful girl. Sad love story of a couple who love each other but can’t get chúng tôi girl has fallen under the waterfall to prove her faithful chúng tôi the people here, Tat Nang waterfall has attached itself to the people here. their spiritual and cultural life, where lovers date and pray to be together for life.

The road from the center of Van Ho district to Tat Nang waterfall is small and difficult to walk, but in return, visitors will be able to see firsthand the majestic and pristine beauty of the waterfall hidden between villages and lush forests.

Unlike many other waterfalls, Ta Nang waterfall rarely runs out of water, white foam all year chúng tôi the foot of the waterfall, the water flows gently through the village, watering the trees and fields and is the place where children and adults bathe and play every chúng tôi is also the typical culture of ethnic minorities in Phu Mau village.

“I am quite impressed with Ta Nang waterfall, the wild beauty as well as the story told by the people. The atmosphere at the waterfall is also very cool” – Ms. Ha, a Hanoi tourist shared.

Ta Nang Waterfall is a beautiful and majestic waterfall with a length of 150m, a height of more than 100m, a symbol of the wild beauty of the great thousands of Chieng Yen.

The waterfall originates from two streams (Ta Sam and Na Piu streams) flowing from the western mountains in the territory of Phu Mau village into the valley with an altitude of over 100m to form Ta Nang chúng tôi Nang in the big water season, the waterfall flows into 3 streams, from a height of over 100m large blocks of water pour down through many limestone chúng tôi the middle of the waterfall, there is a wide strip of rock tissue, covered with trees that have split the flow into 3 streams, like three white silk bands.

Many photography lovers also come to Tat Nang Waterfall to capture impressive images of this majestic waterfall.

This destination is loved and checked by many young people

Đăng bởi: ân Thiên

Từ khoá: Discover the beautiful and charming Ta Nang waterfall in the middle of the Son La mountains

Unique Skill Of A Fisherman Who Earns Thousands Of Dollars Of Silver In The Floating Season

According to the An Giang people, this year the flood season comes a month earlier than every year, falling from July to November (lunar calendar). The floating season not only brings alluvium to the fields but also brings abundant fish and shrimp to fishermen in the West. Many fishermen can earn tens of millions of dong when the flood season comes. PhátTurn on the sound

Phu Hoi commune, An Phu district, An Giang is a locality that is both adjacent to the Cambodian border and a watershed, which shows the characteristics of the West in the flood season. For more than a month now, since it is not yet morning, many fishermen have been present in the fields, busy fishing, creating a bustling living scene.

Reporter Dan Tri records the popular fishing activities of people during the flood season in An Giang “flood navel” :

Fishing is the most popular method of fishing because it is possible to harvest many types of aquatic products at the same time such as fish, shrimp, crab and even snakes (Photo: Bao Ky).

The bamboo is made from a mesh patched into a length from a few hundred meters to more than 1 km. After choosing a place to place according to the water flow with the fish running, the fishermen use a net around it to form a pot, each segment of the net is fixed with a long tree branch. In the pot, put 3-4 lugs, fish and shrimp can’t get out (Photo: Bao Ky).

Mr. Nguyen Van Am said that it costs about 30-40 million dong to buy a swarm, including buying nets and trees. Those who have little capital will borrow money from the owner of the fishery to buy a set of fish, and every day sell fish minus the borrowed money. If the water is good, fish and shrimp are abundant, and at the end of the flood season, the fishermen have both paid off their debt to buy worms and made a few tens of millions more in profit (Photo: Bao Ky).

Dumpling fish is quite diverse, but when choosing, people will be divided into 2 types: Linh fish and market fish. In particular, reishi at the beginning of the season is called young reishi which is processed into a dish, and a larger one is used to brew fish sauce. Particularly for market fish, there are kinds of fish such as fish, pegs, choke… (Photo: Bao Ky).

Red-tailed dolphins often appear in the flood season. Due to not being able to actively breed, red-tailed dolphins are quite expensive. Commercial fish costs 20$/kg, and fingerlings caught by farmers cost about 15$/kg (Photo: Bao Ky).

In the flood season, Mr. Lam Thanh Nhan and his wife crossed more than 40km from Chau Phu district to canal 13 in Phu Hoi commune. Here, the couple covered the rubber hut for a temporary stay, at 1 o’clock at night they ran away and ran away. In the past few days, his family has harvested dozens of kilograms of reishi and market fish. If converted into money, the whole family earns over 1 million VND/day (Photo: Bao Ky).

Young reishi is priced from 50,000 to 70,000 VND/kg. Currently, the price of reishi has dropped to more than 20,000 VND/kg (Photo: Bao Ky).

Mr. Pham Van Linh sets a bar to catch field perch in the field (Photo: Bao Ky).

The rafters are made of bamboo about 60-70cm long, braided into a round shape like a jar, the top end is gathered in a pyramid shape, and the bottom end is round like the rim of a basket called the bottom. On the side of the rafters, in the middle is the entrance of the cave, also known as the hom, for the fish to get in (Photo: Bao Ky).

After placing the rafters near the grass, Mr. Linh picked up a handful of bait and put it in the rafters’ mouths. Trap bait made from fish carcasses and rice husk ash. (Photo: Bao Ky).

Every day, Linh swims by canoe and places 200 tubes of rafters, estimated to earn about 20-40kg of perch, earning nearly 1 million VND (Photo: Bao Ky).

In addition to placing worms and snakes, people in flood areas also have many unique ways of catching seafood such as crabs, shrimps, push rods, push nets, place nests, shovels… Creating a cultural picture of the West River Vibrant, colorful water.

(Dan Tri)

Đăng bởi: Nguyễn Hằng

Từ khoá: Unique skill of a fisherman who earns thousands of dollars of silver in the floating season

Check In Immediately The Islands In Quang Ninh Possessing The Impressive Beauty Of ‘Thousands Of People’

The famous islands in Quang Ninh 1. Tuan Chau Island

Located 8km from Ha Long is the famous beautiful Tuan Chau island. At this place, there is not only a wild beauty with an attractive stretch of beach, but also a lot of interesting experiences for tourists. It May be mentioned as:

– Admire the water music performance with impressive sound and light images at Tuan Chau Palace of Culture.

2. Quan Lan Island

Photo: @_huyenthitham_Photo: @betay_94

Visiting Quan Lan Island is one of the experiences in Quang Ninh that you can hardly miss when coming to Van Don. This is one of the rare places that still retains the wild and peaceful beauty. The white sandy beaches of Quan Lan, Minh Chau or Son Hao with a poetic atmosphere are places where people can come to swim, participate in teambuilding activities, … fully enjoy the fresh air.

Photo: @loki12_

Located on the beautiful Bai Tu Long Bay, in addition to swimming and having fun by the sea, do not forget to take the time to visit the ancient Tran Khanh Du shrine, check in the beautiful Eo Gio Quan Lan. Early in the morning, go to the fish market to buy fresh specialties to enjoy but the price is extremely cheap.

3. Pearl Island

Photo: @whereizhanhan

Located not far from Quan Lan Island is Ngoc Vung Island, it is said that in the past, people here at night would see rare pearls together emitting bright light in the whole sky, so it was named like that. This island in Quang Ninh possesses many types of terrain, very suitable for tourism development. An impressive destination for those who love to explore nature and want to have a peaceful vacation by the sunny and windy beach.

4. Dragon’s Eye Island

Photo: @hai.h.ha

If you want to find yourself a wild, quiet land. Where there are only sea, earth and sky without familiar hotels or restaurants, this is the ideal choice for you. On the island, the most impressive thing is the clear lake surrounded by rocky mountains, which people liken to “Dragon’s Eye” bringing mysterious beauty. Although not known to many people, the charming beauty of this island is always an ideal destination for those who love to explore.

5. Cai Chien Island

Photo: @thuy.bui10

Besides a busy Ha Long or Co To , the small and peaceful Cai Chien island always has its own attraction for tourists. The whispering green casuarina forest next to Dau Rong beach with creamy white sand always invites you to come and explore. On sweltering summer days, hang out in a hammock under a tree to relax after playing.

Photo: @vi_mup_

In addition to Dau Rong beach on Cai Chien island, there are also Van Ca beach, Cai Chien beach 1 and 2, Khe Dau lake, and Thoi Xanh island, … are also destinations that bring you many relaxing and immersed experiences. into nature. Check in with the abandoned container house “so deep”, try going on a squid fishing boat at night with the people, light a campfire and organize a cozy BBQ party by the sea.

6. Vinh Thuc Island

Photo: @zellyngo

Island tourism in Quang Ninh comes to a place with isolated terrain, about 10km from the center of Mong Cai city. Vinh Thuc Island is green with fanciful and enchanting scenes, so it is likened to the “sleeping muse” of the Northeastern sea of ​​our country. This place has not been developed for tourism, so it is ideal for those who love to explore.

Photo: @linh_chi_2k

Many young people coming to Vinh Thuc Island in Quang Ninh  choose to ride motorbikes around the island, flanked by green pine trees. Let’s learn about the simple life of the people, breathing fresh air in a sunny and windy place. Try participating in clam raking, squid fishing, setting up a camp or asking to stay overnight in a homestay,… And especially enjoy fresh seafood at a coastal restaurant that is caught right on the island.

7. Milk Cake Island

Photo: @vh_kuching

Nestled on the quiet Bai Tu Long Bay with unspoiled natural scenery, viewed from above, it looks like a comedian, so it is also called Tu Hai island. Although it has a small area, coming to Banh Sua Island, there will be quite a few interesting activities for you to enjoy and experience together. Under the clear blue water, you are free to swim, kayak and snorkel to see the brilliant coral.

Photo: @linh.do503

Wake up early in the morning and climb the mountain to watch the sunrise and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the bay. In the afternoon, move to the oyster farming area near the pier on the island to join the people in the fun challenge of catching oysters. There are no long sandy beaches, busy amusement parks or luxury motels. But the feeling of being immersed in nature, together with fishermen to learn about daily life brings moments of peace that are hard to get in the midst of busy daily life.

8. Cong Do Island

Photo: @linh.do503

Going southeast of Ha Long Bay, you will reach this impressive island in Quang Ninh . A place less frequented but as beautiful and interesting as other places in Quang Ninh. Natural lakes with extremely attractive shapes, wide and colorful coral reefs and many marine species. The journey to discover the unspoiled beauty of this place will surely be memorable memories.

9. Yellow Card Island

Photo: @Quang Ninh Newspaper

The wild beauty and interesting things are the “magic” charm of this idyllic island in the middle of the ocean. Fresh air and lush flora and fauna bring friendliness and comfort to tourists. A blue color covers everywhere. You can immerse yourself in the cool water or lie down in the sun on the fine white sand.

Photo: @thuy_na_dtt

In the summer, this is the place to enjoy the gentle sunshine, breathe in the fresh air and organize weekend camping with family. On the island, there is Duyen Phuc Pagoda, a very famous praying pagoda with a location facing the sea. A worship destination for not only Buddhist monks and nuns but also many people when traveling to Quang Ninh .

Photo: @dohuoggtra

The islands in Quang Ninh  , whether crowded or unspoiled, are generally still impressive destinations. Explore and enjoy fun-filled holidays in these famous Mines!

Photo: Internet

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Từ khoá: Check in immediately the islands in Quang Ninh possessing the impressive beauty of ‘thousands of people’

Discover 6 Unique Coffee Dishes In The World, One Of Which Is From Vietnam

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. The delicious taste and strong aftertaste make coffee popular among many people. Besides the original coffee drinks, coffee is also processed with different delicious recipes, making this drink more diverse in flavor and attractive to more people. Let’s learn with 2DEP 7 recipes that combine to make drinks from coffee that are popular with everyone.

Kopi Joss

Kopi Joss is the name of the famous coal coffee in Indonesia. People here believe that when using a hot coal ball in a cup of coffee, it will neutralize the acidity in coffee, thereby reducing acidity and protecting the stomach. Like many other types of coffee, Kopi Joss coffee is also filter coffee, before drinking, people often put a hot coal that has blown dust into the coffee cup. When drinking, take the coal out and drink as usual.

Kopi Joss is a unique coal coffee from Indonesia.


This is a combination from Finland. Traditionally in this country, coffee is served with a type of shredded cheese called Juustoleipa. These grilled cheeses slowly melt into the coffee, reducing the bitterness of the original coffee and creating a distinctive fatty aroma.

Kaffeost is a combination of Finnish grilled cheese and pure coffee.

Egg coffee

This coffee from Vietnam is one of the unique coffees in the world, because this coffee is combined with eggs. Specifically, people will use the beaten egg yolks with sugar and condensed milk until the yolk turns into a creamy, soft, fragrant and rich mixture. Coffee after brewing will be poured to the bottom and then red beaten egg mixture on top. When drinking, you will feel the bitterness of coffee mixed with the fat, sweet taste of whipped cream and of course not fishy at all.

Egg coffee is a delicious, greasy combination of egg yolk and pure coffee.

Kopi Gu You

If you have had a chance to travel in Singapore, you must have tried this famous butter coffee. Like Finnish cheese coffee, Kopi Gu You is a combination of coffee and some butter in it. Along with condensed milk, the melted butter will blend into the coffee to create a beautiful brown color, bringing a characteristic sweet and fatty flavor. Singaporeans often eat toast with this coffee for a complete morning.

Kopi Gu You is a buttery instant coffee with a rich flavor from Singapore.

Meringue Coffee

A beautiful coffee created from Korea. Not only the taste is delicious, the appearance of this drink is also enough to knock you down at first sight. The cup of coffee is decorated with a crispy, sweet, and beautiful meringue cake like a white lotus blooming in the middle of a lake. Just looking at the grandeur of this drink is enough to make us fall in love.

Meringue is a beautiful coffee drink from Korea.

Kaffe Tonic

A refreshing coffee on hot summer days, why not? Kaffe Tonic is a combination of espresso, soda tonic and ice. This is a popular drink in Sweden. The bar and cool taste in the presence of soda and ice but still with the aroma of pure coffee will keep you awake and refreshed.

Kaffe Tonic is considered a summer drink of the Swedish people.

Đăng bởi: Tuấn Thưởng Nguyễn

Từ khoá: Discover 6 unique coffee dishes in the world, one of which is from Vietnam

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